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New Life Plastic Planters

As a product designer, the over abundance of plastic waste in the world is particularly unsettling. For a material that will remain useful for centuries and is inherently reconfigurable it is carelessly used in a slew of single use, made-to-waste applications. My project sought to use plastic in a more sensible way. After researching the issue, and how various designers are responding to it, I discerned that finding a longterm product application for recycled plastic would be an appropriate use of the material. Between further research and material testing I determined that planters would be a low cost, low tech, and meaningful application for recycled plastic.

New Life Plastic Planters: 

made from 100% recycled HDPE, meant to challenge the way we think about plastic waste. From landfill to filled with land.

(smallest to largest)

2.7" x 2.13" x 2.8"

3.1" x 2.9" x 2.7"

4.8" x 3.4" x 4.9"

5.4" x 4.9" x 4.8"


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