For this project I was commissioned by my cousin Ben Samson, a Pittsburgh architect, to reproduce a favorite sculpture of his. Our product would become a permanent and meaningful fixture in his Squirrel Hill backyard.

Israeli artist, Menashe Kadishman (1932-2015) first created his sculpture "Open Suspense" in 1964 out of wood and stone. Today there are a number of reproductions around the world in museum and private collections. Their scale and material varies from piece to piece. The model I would produce for Ben, his wife Betsy, and their daughter Sophia was determined to be done in concrete and scaled appropriately to elevate the environment of their backyard. 

With a shop drawing from Ben, I built the form in rising scales to learn what I could before jumping into the concrete model. 

An early question had to be answered: how to install a foam void in concrete to balance the suspended form? So I tested this process.

Designing the molds