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I had a dream about this box the night I bought the wood for its construction. The figure of this bird's eye maple really caught me. Along the way in making it, I found a scrap piece of sycamore I would use for the top plate. I had no idea sycamore has such a dynamic woodgrain. Not only is the wood beautiful, but the sycamore tree is one I've always associated with Pittsburgh. My childhood memories of great sycamores in Frick Park, with their distinctive white and green bark, irregular knots, and round spiny fruit, left a deep impression on me. In my undergraduate years at the University of Pittsburgh, I was comforted by the abundance of sycamores around campus and in the neighboring Schenley Park. For me, this box has deeper meaning than in the beauty of its material or construction. 



bird's eye maple



9.5" x 4" x 4"


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